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1966 to 1970

1966: It's in 1966, on Place Jean Jaurès in Castres, situated in Tarn in southwest France, that our story begins. Behind the counter of his dispensary, a young pharmacist observes a world bubbling with aspirations and innovations. It's this young man, Mr Pierre Fabre, with his passion for botany, who will go on to create Klorane Laboratories.

The first range of shampoos was launched based on an oh-so-innovative concept for its time – shampoos containing plant active ingredients. And so the famous shampoo with camomile was born, and its success would prove unfailing.


1967: Klorane Bébé was launched, and quickly made a name for itself in maternity hospitals.


1967: Klorane took an interest in sensitive eyes, and cornflower was selected for its soothing and softening virtues. The first make-up remover with cornflower was launched.


1968:  Klorane launched its treatment and highlight-enhancing shampoos.


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1971 to 1980

1972: The small cosmetology brand from Puteaux took the lead in the pharmaceutical cosmetics industry with a market share of 35%.


1978: An agri-technical department came into being (plant culture), the forerunner of the Phytofilière®.


1980: Shampoo with oat milk was first launched based on a new concept, that of “plant milk”, which has been regularly used ever since


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1981 to 1994

1988: The Cible and Dermo-Pains lines, created at the same time, joined Klorane Laboratories.


1991: Sun and skin are compatible. The Polysianes range, with its Polynesian virtues, came onto the market.


1994: The Phytofilière® was born, providing a chain of expertise able to control stages of the manufacturing process, from plant culture all the way through to the finished cosmetic product.


1994: This is the year when Klorane, investing still further in the conservation, preservation and good use of our plant heritage, created the Klorane Institute (Corporate Foundation).


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1995 to 2003

1996: Klorane Laboratories continued to gain momentum. Young children found satisfaction with the Petit Junior range, which offered a fun introduction to the pleasures of washing.


1999: Klorane became interested in sensitive, delicate skin and launched the Dermo-Protection range, formulated with a specific active principle: poplar bud extract.


2003: The cornflower range turned its attention to eye care, and first launched its smoothing and relaxing patches with cornflower. It was also a year for anti-hair loss products, with K1-K2 for men and K1-K2 for women.


2003: The Dermo-Protection range innovated with its brightly coloured new-generation shower gels. On the menu: ultra-soft, good mood, relaxing, morning wake-up, high energy, icy fresh and zen spirit sensations.


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2004 to the present day

2004: The mango butter hair care range was launched, with its subtle fruity fragrance.


2005: Klorane hair care entered the oral care market with Quinoral. In the same year, the Polysianes range strengthened their presence by launching new products, including extremely high sun protection and more after-sun skin care.


2006: Cible received a facelift – the modern man likes to take care of his skin to erase the passage of time. Klorane introduced a new addition to its anti-dandruff range in the form of a shampoo with red thyme from Spain. Klorane Bébé changed its image, and took on a softer, rounder form.


2008: The hair care with papyrus milk was launched based on a unique “smoothing treatment” approach.


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